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Massage From The Founder

( Jay Caldwell )

Understanding The Purpose Behind Clockpoint

The current state of the industry from an educational standpoint is not the best. We graduate from hair school, or barber school yet we still need further training before we can be place in the work field and have a high standard skill set to fore fill any clients request for a service. The fault is not on the school or instructor, the problem lies within the the curriculum of instruction. The foundation of education is the degree template, and that is not the best option for the educational learning language. Replacing the degree template with the Clockpoint template eliminates the confusion and translation of instruction from instructor to student.

who we are

What Difference Will You Experience?

What Difference Will You Experience?

Communication skills

His ability to use verbiage that magnetizes the room, while also elevating the knowledge base is unmatched. He prides himself on the ability to paint mental pictures with words that make sticky learning a must for his classroom or workshop attendees.


With all the experience, maturity, passion, and leadership he exudes, his commitment to anyone willing to learn is going to be 2nd to none. His willingness to share his knowledge in different ways for the different learning styles shows the confidence he has in his method. No man or woman is ever left behind in his classrooms or workshops.

Subject Expertise

He has taken an exhausting amount of time to perfect the Clockpoint Haircutting System and has received overwhelming support and approval of expertise on the subject of haircutting from some of the industries top Academic minds.

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