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1.1 Ankle Stretching

Jay October 10, 2020
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Welcome to all Hair Industry Professionals. We are excited to deliver a comprehensive and applicable Wellness Course. Finally we have brought the highest level of information to you shared by some of the highest paid athletes in professional sports. ENJOY…! Information sponsored by TBR Training. 

The Importance of Proper Positioning

The importance of proper positioning is more than half the battle to increasing the blood flow and directing the blood where it need to be. This can be the difference between and injury build-up or developing extensive swelling and poor circulation.

Attractive fit young woman doing Standing Forward Bend pose in w

Step #1 Recognizing The Right Postion

With this first step of the course we will take a close look at some proper working postures and demonstrate how to correctly the positioning before creating any further damage to yourself while working behind the chair. 

Step #2 Foot Postures & Positioning

In this second step we will display some foot postures & positions as they pertain to balance and compensation of other muscle groups, pain and poor body posture. You will leave with a better understanding of how to periodically check your posture and work with more balanced footwork reducing the amount of pain you experience throughout your workday. 

Step #3 Sitting Ankle Rotations

Now we will get into the structured instruction for exercising the ankle, calf, shin, and toes. Enjoy.